Learn the exact step-by-step mixing system of a platinum-winning mixer

(currently only available to residents of Berlin, Germany)

Transform YOUR music, in YOUR studio, into huge, floor-pumping club mixes, reliably and consistently, every single time.

  • Do you want to be able to produce mastering-ready mixes yourself, and know that they will sound amazing?
  • But mixing still feels like you're tapping in the dark?
  • Do you get really close on one mix, only to completely doubt your sanity on the next?
  • Do you need someone to show you how to mix in your studio, on your equipment, with your music?
dj in front of audience dropping the track

I actually look forward to working with reverb now. And how the bass suddenly appears!


I played the tracks unmastered the other day and it made no difference at all!! The mixes sounds THAT good! I used to go get it mixed and mastered by someone else every time, to squeeze out every little drop...


Mixing finally doesn't feel like blindly poking around in the dark anymore. It's all about having that clear goal in mind in order to work accurately.


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